Desertfest 2017 First Line Up Announcement.


After the truly momentous 5th year anniversary, Desertfest London proudly returns with its sixth instalment. As the festival grows from strength to strength, each year offers up a new challenge to bring a truly unique and amplified weekend to Camden Town. Desertfest aims to not only expand in all areas, but also to exceed expectations – and this year’s offering of artists, vendors, merchandise and of course, utterly insane parties, is set to do just that.

We are pleased to announce that the first headliner for 2017 is a band that’s not only stood the test of time since their inception in the early 90’s, but are one of the most ludicrously high voltage, straight-up party bands in the history of rock’n’roll – Norway’s very own TURBONEGRO will be bringing their blend of high octane deathpunk to Desertfest 2017, and it will be the band’s first London headline performance since 2014.
Joining them on the bill are one of the most requested Desertfest acts, German psych stalwarts SAMSARA BLUES EXPERIMENT, whose expert blend of stoner rock, psychedelic blues and Indian raga will bring a laden of mind-bending instrumental goodness to the weekends trip.
THE PICTUREBOOKS will also be eagerly offering up their diverse alt-rock sound. The duo have pushed boundaries with their style – from drumming with mallets instead of sticks, to constructing their own instruments, their live performances unquestionably follow suit and will not disappoint.
Virginia’s very own crème-de la-crème of thrash are heading across the pond, SATAN SATYR’S are a band who have effortlessly propelled themselves to cult status by paving the way for that true hard-attack heavy rock, that any real fan of thrash will appreciate, and agree, makes them stand out from a sea of peers who are just trying to hit half as hard.
VODUN are quickly gaining traction as one of those “must see” bands, and Desertfest are thrilled to show our loyal family as to why. An overwhelming talent of primal, genre-bending, heavy afro-soul rock – they’re not easy to describe, but being labelled one of the best new rock acts on the planet may help paint the picture.
Swedish space-rock cosmonauts YURI GAGARIN will also join the 2017 proceedings to launch revellers into a hypnotic otherworldly journey, alongside doom-drone power trio MAMMOTH STORM, who will be ready to batter out any cobwebs with a sonic tidal wave of riffs. And last, but definitely not least, is London’s very own ELEPHANT TREE with their melodic and weighty riffs that will rattle down on listeners like a stampede.

We are proud, and excited, for what next year has in store. But this is only the tip of the iceberg… there is much, much more to come. Stay tuned.


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