Codex Alimentarius Announce New EP

Formed in 2009, Codex Alimentarius are an Exeter-based heavy metal band who have rightly received a good deal of praise for their debut EP, ‘The infinite growth paradigm Vs finite resources’. The band returned in 2014 with the even more impressive follow up, ‘The Hand of Apophis’ (available for free download here and via the link below) and set about touring anywhere and everywhere, reaching out to new fans every step of the way. Now, however, the band are returning to their debut EP, bringing it back in revitalised form as a 6-track release, including the epic ‘Baptised’ (recently released as a lyric video and available to view below), and once again demonstrating the band’s flair for combining guttural vocals with huge, airy swathes of symphonic metal. Check out the band’s press statement here:

“And so… Off the back of unleashing the lyric video for ‘Baptised’ and a live recording of ‘Arise’ on you all, we are now proud to announce that we will be releasing ‘The Infinite Growth Paradigm vs Finite Resources (Mk II)’ on 1st June 2017. Seven years after we first released this, our debut EP, we hope you enjoy this re-fired and re-forged version!

Mixed and mastered by Elliott Alderman-Broom and with artwork by Andrew Dicker, the track list will be:

  1. Baptised
  2. Collapse
  3. Good Slaves 
  4. No Return
  5. Symbiosis
  6. Arise

We can’t wait to let it loose on you all! – Codex Alimentarius”

For those who simply can’t wait for this exciting release, check out the sweet lyric clip for ‘Baptised’ below:

You can also stream and download the band’s 2014 EP ‘The Hand of Apophis’ here:

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