Decommissioned Forests Premiere New Track!

SonicAbuse is very proud to present Decommissioned Forests, the latest project from Daniel Vincent of acclaimed duo The Resonance Association. In this first release he is joined by Howard Gardner, leader of industrial semesters Non-Bio and a regular TRA collaborator.

The ambience the duo have created on this first release reflect the shared love of the “post-industrial” scene from the 80’s through the beginnings of this millennium: the sounds of Coil, Current 93, and Nurse With Wound being regular touch points.

According to Daniel, “Decommissioned Forests is an opportunity to create something new with a very distinct identity. I love a lot of the less abrasive elements of the post-industrial scene, especially that latter era where those bands went from the heavily sample led abstract music to the more meditative stuff like Coil’s Musick To Play In The Dark.”

“Having that common ground has mean that the ideas both musically and visually have come together really easily so far. I’m looking forward to welcoming new collaborators to the group as we work towards playing live and recording our full length debut”.

Stream the band’s first track now:


Vincent plays keyboards and synths, as well as contributing vocals although, in keeping with those aforementioned influences, his vocals are spoken incantations that supply sonic texture rather than traditionally sung melodies.

Gardner has joined Decommissioned Forests on this first outing playing synths and working on the existing sound material to add depth and colour to the mix. His standalone Non-Bio remix of the lead track, however, takes things in an all-together different direction…

Impermanent State is out now as a download from the band’s BandCamp page. They are currently recording material for their debut full length release, expected in 2018.

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