Crimena Premiere New Video Clip

Earlier this month, Crimena made a bold declaration about their future, unleashing a trailer for the ‘Declaration of War’ video clip, which we are now proud to premiere. The exciting clip will be part of a series of upcoming releases from the band. 

Following the announcement of their new vocalist Crimena has not announced their long-term plans beyond the forthcoming EP signified by this release,  but they have promised that this year will be full of surprises and that the real Crimena are back with a vengeance! 

Known for being loud and outspoken, Crimena indulge the audience with subtle melodies from time to time and offer an unrestrained and honest performance on stage, claiming that their sound is: “… like if The Haunted, Pantera and Lamb Of God had an orgy and somehow one of them got pregnant, and on the baptism Sepultura walked in and claimed to be the Uncle of the little baby CRIMENA” 

Speaking about the video, the band stated:

The video depitcs the stugles of a man haunted by the horrors of war and the reality he must face when he returns home. The video also has a deeper meaning, one that is in context with the rest of the songs on the upcoming EP and the entire idea behind the said EP, but, unfortunatley at the moment we cannot disclose more. On this video we collaborated with our friends Andrei Ursu and Mitel Corici, the same guys that did our previous two videos (Mutawwa and Gospel of the unbeliver) and were helped a lot by Airsoft Craiova and Wrath Inc. This is the first single that we release in the new lineup and it is just a teaser for the great stuff that is to come.”

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