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Prophets Of Rage – Self-Titled Album Review

The album is arguably at its weakest when it slips into a more familiar RATM groove, but if the band can focus on those elements that are uniquely a result of the new line-up coming together, then there’s no question that Prophets of Rage can deliver on their promise of holding the elites to account. 7  

Epica – ‘The Solace System’ EP Review

... a beautifully packaged, stunningly recorded EP that provides the perfect coda to the album. Soothingly savage, it captures Epica at the peak of their not-inconsiderable powers and it leaves the listener once again in awe of the band’s skyscraping ambition and technical prowess. 9

Portrait – ‘Burn The World’ Review

their metallic assault incorporates myriad elements that expand the palette beyond the expected. It is these moments that raise the album above the average and which will keep the listener returning for more. Trad. Metal with an edge, ‘Burn the world’ is an impressive effort and well worth a listen. 8