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Chronos – ‘Pallid Reflection’ Album Review

In terms of production values, depth of composition and skill, there’s no question that ‘Pallid reflection is an impressive debut LP. Where certain sections do feel in thrall to the influences that inspired them, for the most part  it is an intelligent offering from a band destined for greater things. 8  

Heads – Self-Titled LP Review

As unpleasant as a crawl through the sewers of humanity on shit-stained knees, there is little light in the world of Heads, but there is intelligence and power and if you enjoy exploring humanity’s squirming underbelly, then this record is undoubtedly for you.

Echoes Of Yul Album Review

Echoes of Yul is without doubt one of the finest albums I’ve heard all year in any category. Easily purchased from the band’s myspace page this is a must-have album for anyone with a passing interest in experimental music.